Assigning materials

Materials have to be assigned for two reasons: Geometry is new or was changed (white regions) or a material shall be replaced, which is subject of this task.

  1. For assigning materials you have to switch to Materials Mode.

    Select Mode > Materials.

    Because you opened the VGF_prototype.crys, the materials assigned to the regions of the VGF furnace are displayed for the right half of the geometry. Each material has a specific color, which is randomly assigned in alphabetical order. If you add a material in the beginning of the list, all following materials will change their colors in the drawing.

    VGF_prototype, Materials Mode 

    Figure 32. VGF_prototype, Materials Mode

  2. The list box in the tool bar contains all materials available. The material displayed in the tool bar is the one which will actually be assigned when you select a region and click the mouse button. But first let us have a look which materials were assigned to which region.

    Click on the Show/hide legend button next to the list box to display the legend.

  3. Now you replace the material Steel by Crucible support in the furnace region below the crucible.

    Select Crucible support in the list box in the tool bar.

      is ready to be assigned.

  4. Move the mouse pointer to the region of the crucible support and stay there.

    The material Steel is indicated in the status bar. Pay attention to the material colors before you proceed.

    Material Steel for crucible support 

    Figure 33. Material Steel for crucible support

  5. Press and hold the CTRL key and press the left mouse button.

    Material Crucible support for crucible support 

    Figure 34. Material Crucible support for crucible support

    The material name has changed to Crucible support in the status bar. Crucible support has been added to the legend. The color of the crucible report has changed in correspondence with the new material.

  6. The material Fancy is not used, so you can delete it.

    Select Settings > Materials to open the Materials dialog.

  7. Select Fancy in the materials list.

  8. Click on the Delete Material button. If the material is still assigned, you get a warning message, and the material is not removed.

    Fancy is removed from the current simulation setting.

  9. Click on Close to close the Materials dialog.

  10. Select Mode > Simulation to switch to Simulation Mode.

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