Defining heaters


CrysMAS is running and the file VGF_prototype_inverse.crys is open.

  1. Select Settings > Heaters.

    The Heaters dialog opens.

    Heaters dialog 

    Figure 35. Heaters dialog

  2. At first you determine the heater for which CrysMAS shall compute the heating power. Please note that Heater_1 has position No. 0!

    Select the Heater_2 at position 1 from the list in the Heaters dialog.

    The heater at the right side of the SCA will be highlighted in the drawing.

  3. Next you change the type of setting for this heater, because you want CrysMAS to compute the heating power required to reach a particular temperature at a particular point.

    Click on Controlled power.

    CrysMAS opens two additional fields for specifying the minimum and the maximum for the controlled power.

    Heaters dialog, controlled power 

    Figure 36. Heaters dialog, controlled power

  4. Repeat this procedure for Heater_1.

  5. Click on Apply to keep the default setting.

  6. For demonstration purposes start the computation now.

    Click on the Start computation button   while keeping the Heaters dialog open.

    While CrysMAS computes temperature, you can follow the changing heating power for Heater_2 in the field Initial/actual value.

    Heaters dialog: Result for controlled heating power 

    Figure 37. Heaters dialog: Result for controlled heating power

    The resulting heating power for Heater_2 is 933.476 K.

  7. Click on Apply and Close to close the Heaters dialog.

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