Defining control points

After you have set at least one heater to Controlled power, you have to specify Control Points defining which temperature should be reached at which point(s) inside the furnace. Control points can only be defined for temperature.

  1. Select Settings > Control Points.

    The Control Points dialog opens.

    Control Points dialog 

    Figure 38. Control Points dialog

    Three control points have been defined already by their coordinates (r, z), the temperature value to be reached, and the tolerance in degree Kelvin.

  2. When you click on one of the control points, its position will be indicated in the drawing by a red cross.

    Click on the last control point in the list.

    The control point is located at the SCA border immediately above the melting interface.

  3. Next you define a new control point located below the last control point.

    Because control point No. 2 at the SCA border is still active, you only have to change the z-coordinate.

    Change the z-coordinate to 0.24.

  4. Set the tolerance to 1.

  5. Set the temperature to 1505 K.

  6. Click on Add.

    The control point is added to the list.

    Control Points dialog, control point 3 added 

    Figure 39. Control Points dialog, control point 3 added

    You can add as many control points as you need and you can also define them relative to each other.

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