Setting computation parameters and starting inverse simulation

Controlled heater(s) and control points are the minimum settings for inverse simulation. In addition, you can specify computation parameters, e.g. the growth rate in the Process parameters dialog and the parameters on the Inverse tab in the Numerical parameters dialog.

  1. For pseudo-stationary computation you can specify the growth rate of the crystal.

    Select Computation > Process parameters.

  2. The growth rate has to be specified in m/s. If you want a growth rate of 1 mm per second, your input would be 0.001.

    Change the growth rate to 0.0001, i.e. 0,1 mm per second.

  3. Click on Apply and Close to apply the changes and close the Process parameters dialog.

  4. Select Computation > Numerical parameters > Inverse.

  5. Replace the Controller relaxation factor default by 0.1.

  6. Click on Apply and Close to apply the changes and close the Numerical parameters dialog.

  7. Click on the Start computation button  .

    CrysMAS indicates the computation progress in the status bar.

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