Visualizing the results of inverse simulation

After computation has finished, you can visualize the results via the Show dialog.

  1. Select Visualize > Show.

    The Show dialog opens.

  2. Select Isolines and Scalar field in both columns of the Show dialog.

  3. Select Legend in the right column.

    Isolines and scalar field are displayed for both sides of the furnace, the legend on the right hand side only.

    Isolines and scalar field 

    Figure 40. Isolines and scalar field

    The legend explains the exact temperature distribution inside the furnace.

  4. The default number of isolines is 11. Change it to 20 to get a finer distribution of temperature values.

    Select Visualization > Options for Scalar fields.

    The Options for Scalar Fields dialog opens.

    Options for Scalar Fields dialog 

    Figure 41. Options for Scalar Fields dialog

    The dialog shows the intervals between the isolines displayed in the legend. Here you also find the computed maximum and minimum temperatures.

  5. Change the number of isolines to 20 and click on Apply.

    The display of the isolines changes in the dialog and in the main window simultaneously.

    Options for Scalar fields dialog, 20 isolines 

    Figure 42. Options for Scalar fields dialog, 20 isolines

    The figure shows that the graduation refinement concerns only regions outside the SCA. Therefore, increasing the number of isolines has mostly limited practical use.

  6. Reset the number of isolines to 11 and click on Apply.

    The number of isolines respectively temperature intervals is reduced in the drawing and in the legend.

  7. Click on Close to close the Options for Scalar Fields dialog.

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