Writing isolines and profile

In inverse simulation the main focus is to determine the temperature for each heater. The options in the Analysis menu allow you to save the temperature along an isoline, for points, for polylines and for rectangles.

  1. Select Analysis > Write Isoline.

    The Write Isoline dialog opens.

  2. Specify respectively change the default value for temperature to 1510 which is the position of the phase interface.

  3. The system suggests to save the data in the File VGF_prototype_inverse.iso. You can change the name or browse for a different file.

    Click on Apply and Close to close the Write Isoline dialog.

    The position of the interface will be indicated in the drawing. The coordinates are written into the specified file which is saved to the CrysMAS home directory.

  4. Select Analysis > Write Profile.

    The Monitor/Write Profile dialog opens.

    Monitor/Write Profile dialog 

    Figure 43. Monitor/Write Profile dialog

  5. The three points you are going to define belong to the heaters.

    Specify the coordinates of the first point in the input fields for r and z: r = 0.06, z = 0.23.

  6. Click on Add.

    The information for the first point is displayed in the upper field: Position No., the coordinates, the status N (not moving, because we have no moving region) and the variables.

  7. Add two more points with the coordinates r = 0.02, z = 0.375 and r = 0.06, z = 0.69.

    Monitor/Write Profile dialog: 3 points 

    Figure 44. Monitor/Write Profile dialog: 3 points

    In the lower field the point coordinates and the associated temperature values are displayed. If you had checked any other variable in the variable group temperature, their values would also be displayed and simultaneously saved to the file VGF_prototype_inverse_p.mon in CrysMAS 's home directory.

    By this means you find out which temperature the heaters have to be adjusted to.

  8. Click on Apply and Close.

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