Selecting the time-model

  1. Select File > Open.

  2. Select VGF_prototype_stationary.crys and click on Open.

  3. Select Computation > Time Model.

    The Time Model dialog opens.

    Time Model dialog, pseudo-stationary 

    Figure 45. Time Model dialog, pseudo-stationary

  4. Select Full implicit from the list box next to Time Model.

    The input fields for specifying the parameters for time-dependent computation become active.

  5. Start time, stop time and the time step are obligatory and must be specified in seconds.

    Type the following parameters in the respective fields: Start time: 0, Stop time: 200, Time step: 5, Max. time step: 5.

    Time Model dialog, full implicit 

    Figure 46. Time Model dialog, full implicit

    CrysMAS will compute the variable(s) at every time step between start time and stop time and will make 5 iterations. The computation can be stopped at any time step. When resuming the computation, the program will restart from the last computed step.

  6. Click on Apply and Close.

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