Defining heaters in time-dependent computation

Heaters can have different power values during the runtime. These values must be read in from a profile file which has to be specified in the Heaters dialog.

  1. Select Settings > Heaters.

    The Heaters dialog opens.

    Heaters dialog 

    Figure 49. Heaters dialog

  2. Select Heater_2 (position No. 1) in the list.

    The heater on the right hand side will be highlighted in the drawing.

  3. Click on the box next to Profile power in the field Type of heater setting.

    The input fields for file name and column become active.

  4. Browse for the file to be found in CrysMAS 's Examples directory and select it.

    The file name will appear in the field file name of the Heaters dialog window.

    Set the col value to 2.

    Heaters dialog, profile power 

    Figure 50. Heaters dialog, profile power

  5. Click on Apply and Close.

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