Defining monitor points for writing profiles

In time-dependent computation it is hard to follow the results on the screen. Therefore you should define monitor points in the Monitor/Write Profile dialog.

  1. Select Computation > Monitor.

    The Monitor/Write Profile dialog opens.

  2. You will define the coordinates of the heater on the right side as monitor points.

    Specify the coordinates of the heater as monitor points, see Writing isolines and profile.

    In the lower field the point coordinates and the associated temperature values are displayed.

    Monitor/Write Profile dialog, heater coordinates 

    Figure 51. Monitor/Write Profile dialog, heater coordinates

    The results are saved every 3rd time step to the file VGF_prototype_stationary_p.mon in the same directory where VGF_prototype_stationary.crys is and specify the temperature at a certain time.

  3. Click on Apply and Close.

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