Setting parameters for time-dependent simulation

Except for defining the moving region(s) themselves many parts of this tutorial are identical with the tutorial Computing a Time-dependent Simulation where the following steps are described more detailed.

  1. Select File > Open.

  2. Open the file Moving_region.crys in CrysMAS 's EXAMPLES directory.

    The LGF furnace will be displayed.

  3. Select Computation > Time Model and set the time-model to Full implicit.

  4. Do not change the defaults for Start time, Stop time, time step and the other parameters.

  5. Click on Apply and Close.

  6. Select Settings > Boundaries.

  7. Select all outer edge lines of the furnace by holding the CTRL key pressed and pressing the middle mouse button.

    8 line(s) selected will be indicated in the Boundaries dialog window.

  8. Set the boundary type to Dirichlet and type 320 in the Value input field.

  9. Click on Apply.

  10. Click on the box next to show all.

    All boundaries will be displayed in the drawing. There are a few more than you have just set.

  11. Click on Close.

    The dialog closes, the boundaries vanish as soon as you click in the main window.

  12. Select Settings > Heaters.

    8 Heaters have been predefined, 7 of type Controlled power. This means that their heating power was calculated by CrysMAS in an inverse simulation. Do not change the heater settings.

  13. Select Computation > Process parameters.

  14. In any time-dependent simulation the growth rate must be 0.

    Set the Growth rate to 0.

  15. Click on Apply and/or Close.

  16. Select Computation > Numerical parameters > Inverse.

  17. Increase the Controller relaxation factor to 0.8.

  18. Click on Apply and Close.

  19. Select Computation > Monitor.

    6 monitor points have already been defined. They are indicated in the furnace drawing when you open the Monitor dialog.

  20. Because you are not changing anything, you only have to click on Close.

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