Defining materials properties

For computing convection you need a sample material with a fluid 2nd phase.


The file Convection.crys must be open.

Temperature must have been computed.

  1. Select Settings > Materials.

    The Materials dialog opens.

  2. Select the material GaAs from the materials list.

    The properties of the material GaAs are displayed in the right field of the dialog window. Right now, the material has only one phase.

  3. Click on Add Phase in the Materials dialog window.

    The new Phase 1 of the material GaAs is displayed and inherits the properties of Phase 0.

  4. Next you specify the properties of GaAs for Phase 1.

    See Keys for editing material properties for easy editing of the materials properties fields.

    Change the general property State by selecting Liquid from the list box.

  5. Change the Conductivity -r to 17.8 in the Phase 1 column.

  6. Make sure that the value for the melting point is 1511 K inPhase 0.

    Specify the Melting point by typing 1511 K in the Phase 0 column, if necessary.

  7. Specify the Viscosity by typing 0.0279 in the Phase 1 column.

  8. Specify the Volumetric expansion coefficient by typing 2.e-4 into the associated Phase 1 column.

  9. Click on Apply and Close.

    The position of the interface is indicated in the furnace drawing.

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