Setting boundary conditions

Boundaries have to be specified for velocities, before convection is computed.

  1. Press and hold the CRTL key and select the inner border lines of the sample (GaAs) with the middle mouse button.

  2. Select Settings > Boundaries.

    The Boundaries dialog opens.

    Boundaries dialog, Temperature 

    Figure 56. Boundaries dialog, Temperature

    The dialog window indicates 5 line(s) selected.

  3. If the boundaries for temperature are displayed, select the variable UVW from the list box in the dialog window.

    Click on the box next to Zero velocity in the field Type.

  4. Click on Apply to set the boundaries.

  5. Click on the box next to show in the dialog window.

    The velocity boundaries are displayed in the drawing. If you click on the box next to show all, the temperature boundaries are displayed as well.

  6. Click on the box next to hide to turn the display of the boundaries off.

  7. Click on Close.

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