Setting parameters for computing time-dependent convection

The settings concerning sample material, mesh, boundaries as well as most of the convection parameters are identical for pseudo-stationary and for time-dependent convection. However, the general settings for time-dependent simulation have to be specified.

  1. Specify parameters for viscosity, mesh and boundaries as described for pseudo-stationary computation in the previous tasks of this tutorial.

  2. Select the full implicit time model from the list box in the Time Model dialog in the Computation menu.

  3. Select Settings > Heaters and specify the controlled heater setting.

  4. Click on Apply and Close.

  5. Select Control Points > Settings menu and specify control points, if necessary.

  6. Click on Apply and Close.

  7. Select Computation > Monitor and specify monitor points or polylines, if necessary.

  8. Click on Apply and Close.

  9. The only convection parameter to be especially adapted for time-dependent computation is the underrelaxation factor. It should be closer to 1. Specifying ramps in time-dependent computation does not make any sense and the solver defaults should not be changed.

    Select Computation > Convection parameters > Abortion tab.

  10. Define the interval for Underrelaxation Velocity factors by typing 0.6 in the first and 0.8 in the second input field.

  11. Click on Apply and Close.

Now you are ready to compute time-dependent convection.

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