Computing Turbulent Gas Convection on unstructured mesh

Adjusting the mesh
Defining materials properties
Setting initial values
Setting boundary conditions
Setting numerical parameters
Computing turbulent convection

The structured mesh is better appropriate for computation of the turbulent gas convection. The algorithm on the structured mesh is much more stable, the computation time is much shorter and the mesh adjustment is easier comparing with the unstructured mesh.

In this section the procedure on the unstructured mesh is explained. For operations on the structured mesh see tutorials Generating structured mesh in complex geometries. and Setting convection on structured mesh parameters.

Besides setting general parameters, like boundaries or material properties, for computing turbulent gas convection you also need to adjust the numerical mesh.

This tutorial uses turbulence.crys file in order to simulate turbulent gas convection in a Czochralski furnace containing argon at the pressure of 3 atmospheres.