Adjusting the mesh

For computing turbulent convection you need a special numerical mesh in the turbulent boundary layer.


The default mesh must have been generated before starting this procedure.

  1. Select Settings > mesh.

    The mesh dialog opens. You have to set the recommended mesh parameters.

  2. Set mesh properties inside the gas region.

    • Select the gas region with the left mouse button.

    • Replace the Edge length of the region by 0.015.

    • Replace the Fit slope by 0.15.

    • Click on Apply.

    Set mesh properties for gas-solid boundary lines.

    • Select all gas-solid boundary lines with the Ctrl + middle mouse button.

    • Replace the Edge length of the lines by 0.003.

    • Click on Apply and Close.

    mesh dialog, recommended parameters. 

    Figure 62. mesh dialog, recommended parameters.

  3. Click on the Generate mesh button  .

    The mesh will be recomputed. Because a mesh is already existing, the system will ask you, whether you want to recompute the entire mesh or only for the selected region. Before starting the actual computation, it is always recommended to compute the entire mesh. Click on Yes.

  4. Select Settings > Physical Phenomena.

    The Physical Phenomena dialog opens.

  5. Activate the computation of turbulent convection in the gas region.

    • Select the gas region with the left mouse button.

    • Check Yes option for Convection and Turbulent Convection.

    • Click on Apply and Close.

  6. Select Computation > Adapt mesh.

    The Adapt mesh dialog opens.

    Adapt mesh dialog 

    Figure 63. Adapt mesh dialog

  7. Select adapt for physical phenomena option and choose turbulent_energy.

    Select distance last node - boundary and set the value to 0.001.

  8. Click on the Show/hide mesh button   to show the mesh.

  9. Click on Apply and Close.

    The result is a deformed mesh at the gas-solid boundary.

    The mesh before adaption 

    Figure 64. The mesh before adaption

    The mesh after adaption 

    Figure 65. The mesh after adaption

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