Defining materials properties

The present turbulence model is appropriate for an ideal gas flow. The density of the material will be calculated locally from the actual process pressure, nodal temperature and the molecular weight using the ideal gas law. The density value prescribed directly for the material will be not used in case of the ideal gas any longer.

  1. Select Settings > Materials.

    The Materials dialog opens.

  2. Select the material argon from the materials list.

    The properties of the material argon are displayed in the right field of the dialog window.

  3. Change the Ideal gas property to Yes.

  4. Set the Molar weight to 0.03788 kg/mol.

  5. Click on Apply and Close.

  6. Select Computation > Process Parameters.

    The Process Parameters dialog opens.

  7. Set the Gas pressure to 300000 N/m2.

  8. Click on Apply and Close.


The gas material should consist of the single phase.

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