Setting boundary conditions

All usual boundary conditions for the fluid flow calculation should be set also by the calculation of the turbulent convection. Typical settings are UVW = Zero velocity, that means that a no slip boundary condition for the velocity is applied. No additional boundary conditions for the turbulence values are necessary by the calculation of the turbulent flow. The turbulence model of CrysMAS finds and sets all necessary data for the turbulence boundary conditions on the basis of the existing boundary conditions for the momentum transport automatically. The normal types of the boundary conditions are zero value and zero flux correspondingly for the eddy dissipation and the turbulent energy at all gas-solid boundaries.

  1. Select all boundary lines of the argon region, excepting the symmetry axis, with the Ctrl + right mouse button.

  2. Set Zero velocity boundary type for UVW variable to all selected lines as described for convection computation, see Setting boundary conditions.