Setting numerical parameters

Besides the specific convection parameters, the gas flow computation also requires special settings for temperature equation.

  1. Select Computation > Numerical Parameters > Forward.

  2. A typical turbulent flow can be calculated with the underrelaxation factor for the temperature equation less or equal to 0.1.

    Set the Forward relaxation factor to 0.1.

    Click on Apply and Close.

  3. Select Computation > Convection Parameters.

  4. Set the Underrelaxation Velocity factors: inc.from 0.1 to 0.2.

    Click on Apply.

  5. Select the Turbulence tab.

  6. Set the turbulence underrelaxation factors.

    • set Turbulent energy to 0.1.

    • set Eddy dissipation to 0.1.

    • set Turbulent viscosity to 0.08.

  7. Set the linear equations parameters.

    • set Max. inner iterations to 100.

    • set Desired residuum to 1e-05.

    • set Set last triangle to 0.5.

  8. Click on Apply and Close.

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