Computing inductive heating for controlled power

In the case of controlled power you do not have to compute the induced heating power in advance, because iterations between temperature and potential calculation are necessary anyway. You can directly start computing temperature.

  1. Select File > Open.

  2. Open the file Inductive_heating2.crys.

  3. Specify the heater regions and the heater as for fixed power, see Computing inductive heating for fixed power.

  4. Change the type of heater to Induction and specify a Frequency of 10 000 Hz.

  5. Click on the box next to Controlled power.

  6. Specify 300 as initial/actual value for the currency, a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 8 000 A as interval.

  7. Click on Apply and Close.

  8. Select Settings > Physical Phenomena.

  9. Click on select all regions.

    The dialog window indicates 21 region(s) selected. Temperature and Inductive Heating are available for computation.

  10. Activate Inductive Heating by clicking on the box in the Yes column.

  11. Click on Apply and Close.

  12. Click on the Start computation button   to compute Temperature.

    Monitor the protocol in the terminal window during computation because only here CrysMAS will specify the calculated total induced heating power. The changed values for the current can be looked up in the Heaters dialog.

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