Simulating Stationary Magnetic Fields and Computing Lorentz Forces

Computing an axial field with the MHD1 model
Computing a CUSP field with the MHD2 model
Computing an axial field with the MHD2 model

There are two different types of stationary magnetic fields that can be computed in CrysMAS. The one is an axial field, and the other one is the so called CUSP field. Also, two different models can be used for computation, named MHD1 and MHD2.

Further details can be found in J. Kastl, Implementierung von Modellen fuer stationaere Magnetfelder in das Softwarepaket CrysVUn, 2004, see Bibliography .


Temperature and Convection have been computed.

The computation is executed only on the unstructured mesh at the moment.

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