Computing an axial field with the MHD2 model

  1. To compute an axial field with the MHD2 model, select File > Open.

  2. Open the file StatMagEPot_axial.crys.

  3. Select Computation > Process parameters > Electrical Potential.

    The Electrical Potential dialog opens.

    Process parameters dialog, Magnetic Fields tab 

    Figure 86. Process parameters dialog, Magnetic Fields tab

  4. All parameters for computing stationary magnetic fields are already specified with valid values. Sample Radius and Cusp Origin are grayed out, since they are not used for axial configurations.

    Magnetic induction in Tesla: 0.1, Model is MHD2, Configuration is axial.

  5. Click on Close.

  6. Click on the Start computation button  .

    After the computation is finished you can visualize the distribution of the sinus component and the components of the Lorentz-Force in the variable group Electrical Potential, for instance.


    Figure 87. lorentz-p