Performing a calculation of the supersaturation

As a post process of a concentration calculation the supersaturation can be computed. The value displayed is the difference between the solubility limit, defined in materials dialog, and the concentration at the node.

  1. Select File > Open.

  2. Open file Concentration.crys.

    The simplified CVD reactor will be displayed.

    CVD reactor for species transport 

    Figure 93. CVD reactor for species transport

  3. Perform a calculation of the temperature and the species field (see Computing Concentration).

  4. Open the Materials dialog.

  5. Go to the Species transport section.

    Insert the following relation in the equilibrium solubility field:


  6. Click on Apply and Close.

  7. Select the variable group Concentration from the list box in the tool bar.

  8. Select the variable Supersaturation in the variable group Concentration from the list box in the tool bar.

  9. Click on the Start computation button  .

  10. You can visualize the results by clicking the buttons for showing isolines, scalar field and vector field. Like for the concentration, the computing of the convection has an influence on the supersaturation.

    Click on the Show/hide isolines button  .

    The isolines for Supersaturation are displayed in the CVD reactor.

    Supersaturation isolines 

    Figure 94. Supersaturation isolines

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