Model hierarchy

The chemical model is stored in the code on three levels. The first level is the data representation in the graphical user interface (GUI). After the the chemical model setup is done, the GUI description is transformed into the second mnemonic level.

At the second mnemonic level the chemical model is described by means of generally the same data what is accessible and indicated in the graphical user interface. The chemical model is stored and retrieved from a file at the mnemonic level.

The third level is computational one. The data of the computational level is generated while the chemical model computation starts the first time. Then the mnemonic model is analyzed and the computer memory is allocated for variables of the chemical model. The computational result is produced and stored on the computational level.

If the chemical model execution begin and the data at the computational level is available from the previous calculations, then the computational data is first compared with the mnemonic model description. The computation starts if no significant changes were done in the mnemonic model since the last computation. Otherwise the computational level of the chemical model will be deleted and generated again in a consistent way with the mnemonic level.