Definition of the TMF inductors

Definition of the Traveling Field Field model (TMF) using the TMF feature of the heater. 

Figure 114. Definition of the Traveling Field Field model (TMF) using the TMF feature of the heater.

The heater entities in the CrysMAS model are utilized for definition of the TMF model. Additional features related to the TMF inductor are phase shift [degrees] and Current [A] as shown in figure of the Heaters dialog above.

The TMF inductor can be activated in the heater by checking the checkbox TMF effect. The TMF effect activation is possible only for the direct heater. Otherwise the TMF model will stay in conflict with the AMF model for the Lorentz force which in its turn is associated with the inductive heating model.

The total electric current of the inductor, its phase and the frequency should be entered for each heater with the TMF effect. The entered frequency of the electric current is the same for each inductor. It represents the frequency of the harmonic current oscillation in the azimuthal cross-section of the inductor.

Press Apply after each heater is defined or modified. Its TMF properties will be stored. The number of the heaters with the TMF effect and the number of different phases by the TMF heaters is not limited.

The TMF effect flag doesn't disturb the basic heater function to produce heat. Both features will be considered by the algorithm in parallel without any cross action. The TMF parameters are responsible only for computation of the Lorentz force, the heater power and the heater control are responsible only for the thermal action of the heater.