Computation of the Lorentz force

For computation of the Lorentz force due to the TMF effect first the regions should be specified where the Lorentz force should be computed.

  1. Open the dialog Settings->Physical Phenomena and activate the (r,z)-Lorentz Forces: checkbox for regions.

    Note that the activation of the Lorentz force in this dialog is possible only for regions filled with liquid and electrically conducting materials. The first requirement is due to the only application of the computed Lorentz force in the fluid flow computation. The second requirement is necessary, because the Lorentz is caused by the induced electric eddy currents.

  2. Now the Lorentz force can be computed. Select the variables group (r,z)-Lorentz Forces in the main CrysMAS window and press on the Start computation button  . The computation of Lorentz force will begin. First the boundary value problems are formulated and solved successively for each group of defined equal phase electrodes (TMF heaters). Then the resulted vector potential is computed in region where the Lorentz force should be defined. The resulted potential follows from the superposition of complex amplitudes obtained for each group of the equal phase inductors. The in-phase and out-of-phase components of the resulted vector potential are utilized for calculation of the Lorentz force vector in the predefined regions.