This dialog is opened via File Menu.

In Screenshots dialog you can easily save the main window picture in an image file. The following formats are supported: PNG (Portable Network Graphics), JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) and PS (PostScript).

Screenshots dialog 

Figure 7. Screenshots dialog




If you want to zoom in a part of the furnace, besides using the mouse buttons (zooming with left mouse button), you can specify the desired area by giving its coordinates:

  • From left (m), to right (m): specifies the left and right margins of desired area.

  • From top (m), to bottom (m): specifies the top and bottom margins of desired area.

  • Force value: even if you specify the desired area, it is automatically adjusted in order to keep the furnace aspect, so it is possible that the given margins are not exactly set. In case you really want to have the given margins, you can force them by using Force value options.


    If all constrains can not be set, they are applied in the following order: width (Left and Right), height ( Top and Bottom ), Left, Right, Top, Bottom , where width option has the highest priority.
  • Zoom: applies the zoom values to furnace.


Additionally, if you want to focus on a part of the drawing you can set the cropping window margins:

  • top, bottom, left, right: set the cropping window margins

  • crop: applies cropping values

Output file

Sets the output format and file name.

  • Format: selects the file format.

  • File name: specifies the file name or browse for an existing one.


Saves the picture into the file.

Save Settings

Saves the current zooming and cropping settings into the CrysMAS's configuration file. Useful when you want to use the same zooming or/and cropping parameters for more *.crys files.

It works in connection with Restore Settings option.

Restore Settings

Loads the zooming and cropping settings from the CrysMAS's configuration file.