Paths tab

In the Paths tab you set the location of CrysMAS's common files like material database and the user manual.

Preferences dialog, Paths tab 

Figure 9. Preferences dialog, Paths tab



  • Material database

    Indicates the file containing materials available to the users in order to set their furnaces. If no file is listed, you either type the file name and the path information or you click on the   button to select the file.

    CrysMAS loads the material database specified in this dialog automatically at program start.

  • Joiner config. file

    The Joiner configuration file lists furnaces and cartridges available for joining. By default, all files requested by joining process belong to the CrysMAS's Data directory. You can also select a different configuration file by clicking on the   button.

Help System

CrysMAS has built-in a context sensitive help. Any time you press F1 key or   button from a dialog, the help page of the dialog is displayed in a browser application. In order to activate the context sensitive help, two elements are required:

  • User manual path

    The help system uses the on-line version of the user manual, so the path to the Manual should be specified here. By default, the CrysMAS's Doc/Manual directory is considered.

  • Help browser

    The help pages are shown by assistant(.exe) program coming with CrysMAS software. It is installed, by default, in CrysMAS's directory.

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