GUI tab

In the GUI tab the interface's look and feel is set. Additionally, it manages the log messages behavior.

Preferences dialog, GUI tab 

Figure 10. Preferences dialog, GUI tab




Set the look and feel of the GUI.

  • Theme

    Selects the style of GUI elements independent of operating system.

Log messages

In addition to the messages in the GUI, a lot of log messages are displayed, e.g. when loading a file or computing a variable. Some of these messages are classified according to their importance or seriousness. You can control the display of the following messages:

  • Warnings

  • Info

  • Debug

The log messages could be displayed in a tool bar window (near the drawing) or in a separate window.

  • show in terminal

    If you choose show in terminal the log messages are displayed in the terminal window. Under Linux, this is the terminal window whence the program starts. Under Windows, a new console window is created on the program start.

GUI refresh each iteration Draw isolines, color and vector plot every time after each iteration, if the button is checked. Otherwise the graphics update is done only at the end of the computation or by the user activity like mouse click etc..