Mode Menu

With the items in the Mode menu you change the mode of the program. When starting a new project, you follow the given order: You change from Geometry Mode to Materials Mode and then to Simulation Mode. You cannot switch to Simulation Mode from Geometry Mode. From Material Mode or Simulation Mode, however, you can change to any other mode.

Mode menu 

Figure 12. Mode menu




Switches to Geometry Mode. In Geometry Mode you draw and change the furnace using the options in edit menu, see Geometry Mode.


Switches to Materials Mode. In Materials Mode you can define materials and assign materials to regions, see Materials Mode.

The regions are automatically calculated from the geometry.


Switches to Simulation Mode. You can only change to Simulation Mode from Materials Mode.

Simulation Mode is the pivotal mode. You can also change the properties of the materials in the Simulation Mode.

See Simulation Mode: Computation , Simulation Mode: Settings and Simulation Mode: Variables.