X-Y Plot
Characteristic Numbers

This dialog is opened via Settings Menu.

In the Materials dialog you can add, delete or change the properties of materials and provides the access to the material database. It is available in Materials Mode and in Simulation Mode.

Materials dialog 

Figure 18. Materials dialog

Fields, which you cannot edit, are disabled for logical or physical reasons. You cannot specify stress constants for liquids, for example.



Material name

Shows the name of the selected material from the list or adds a new material.

Delete Material

Deletes the selected material including all values (no undo).


Opens the database dialog, see Database.

Add phase

Adds a phase to the selected material.

Delete phase

Deletes the selected phase of the selected material (no undo). You cannot delete the last remaining phase of a material.

Plot property

Opens X-Y Plot dialog, see X-Y Plot, which shows a plot of the numerical expression in the selected field. The cursor must be positioned in field that contains a numerical function.

Characteristic numbers

Calculates useful numbers for convection computation, see Characteristic Numbers

Only available, if the material has a liquid phase.


Revision number of material.


Status of the material compared to the matching material in the database.

Critical T (K)

Represents the maximal temperature that this material can endure (in K).

Mushy zone (K)

Represents half the interval in which the latent heat of this material is released (in K).

interp. Zone (K)

Similar to Mushy zone, but specifies a temperature range across which thermal conductivities of the two phases are linearily interpolated. This may help to avoid solution oscillations when using the unstructured front tracking.


For each material you can enter a comment in the box, e.g. on the state or on doubtful values.

[Numerical fields]

In the numerical fields of the phase columns you can select one of the options in the list boxes or enter constant values for the material property as well as numerical expressions for functions dependent on the temperature T, e.g. 98.5+T*(-0.064+T*1.4e-05).

For key functions and shortcuts for entering values and functions see Key Functions and Shortcuts.


You can plot the specified function with Plot property, see X-Y Plot.

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