This dialog is opened via Materials.

In this dialog the material database and furnace's materials are set up and maintained.

Database dialog 

Figure 19. Database dialog



Material database

List of materials in the CrysMAS material database. The materials coming from a central source, e.g. the software provider or a central administrator, are automatically loaded during the “Update database” procedure. These materials have the status CentralDb and are locked. Materials added by user (via Database dialog) have the status LocallyAdded.

Local materials

List of materials in the current furnace which can contain materials from the material database and locally added materials.

These materials feature the following states:

  • Up_to_date

    The material properties are in accordance with properties of the matching material from the database.

  • NeedsPatch

    The material needs to be patched against the material database, because a new revision of the material is available.

  • LocallyModified

    The properties of the material differ from the properties of the matching material in the database.

  • LocallyAdded

    The material was manually added to the furnace in the Materials dialog.


Copies a material from the database to the furnace's material list or updates the material properties in the furnace according to the selected material in the database.


Copies a locally added material from the furnace's material list to the database or adds a new revision of this material into the database in case that the database already contains the material.


Updates the properties of all furnace's materials which needs patch.


Saves all locally added or changed materials from the furnace to the material database.


Locks and unlocks the selected material in the material database. If it has more revisions, all of them are locked. If the furnace uses the material, it is locked also inside the furnace.


Materials in the database cannot be locked or unlocked by the user, if they have the status CentralDb.


Deletes the selected material from the database. If the material has more revisions, only the selected one is deleted.

Properties status

For the material selected the properties and the values in which the database and the current furnace differ are listed in this field.

  • database value: property value in the material database

  • local value: property value in the current furnace.

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