Control Points

This dialog is opened via Settings Menu.

In the Control Points dialog you specify points with fixed temperature for inverse simulation, in order to answer the question, what heating power you need to obtain certain temperatures at given points, see Control Points for Inverse Simulation.

In this case you have to specify at least one heater to be variable, i.e. to be a controlled heater, see Heaters.

Control points dialog 

Figure 29. Control points dialog



List of control points

Shows the actual control points, i.e. points with fixed temperature. For editing you select a control point in the list.

A red cross indicates the position of the selected control point in the Main Window.


Can be Relative or Absolute.

The Relative state demands two arguments ref-x and ref-y ; it means that the temperature must be relative to the temperature in point ( ref-x ; ref-y ).


Specifies the tolerance of the temperature (in K) allowed at this point.


Specifies the desired Temperature (K) for the control point.


Clicking on the check box deactivates the value input field and activates the input field for a *.ctrl file name.

file name

Enter name of *.ctrl file containing time-dependent values for the control point, see Control Points for Inverse Simulation. The first column of the *.ctrl file always contains the time.


Opens the Select File dialog to browse for a *.ctrl file.


Number of the column in which the desired values for this control point are to be found.


Changes the settings for the selected control point. You have to enter the changes first.


Deletes the selected control point.


Adds a new control point leaving the selected control point unchanged. You must enter the values for the new control point first.

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