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Process parameters
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Numerical parameters
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Convection parameters
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Adapt mesh

The Computation menu is the core of CrysMAS . Here you set process, numerical and convection parameters, you generate the mesh, compute view factors and monitor the solving process.

The Computation menu is only available in Simulation Mode.

Computation menu 

Figure 32. Computation menu



Time Model

Opens Time Model dialog window for specifying pseudo-stationary or fully implicit (time-dependent) simulation, see Time Model Choice and Time Model.

Process parameters

Opens Process parameters dialog window for specifying parameters, when heat transport by conduction or radiation, or an external magnetic field is considered, see General process parameters and Process parameters.

Numerical parameters

Opens Numerical parameters dialog window Setting Numerical parameters for setting values

  • for the computation of the View factors, see View factors.

  • for the solver for Forward simulation, see Forward.

  • for the solver for Inverse simulation, see Inverse.

For details on numerical parameters see Setting Numerical parameters.

Convection parameters

Opens Convection dialog window for setting parameters for the computation of convection

  • for convergence criteria in the Abortion tab, see Abortion.

  • for updating of the interface between the solid and the liquid phase in the Multiphase tab, see Multiphase.

  • for specifying a ramp for the density, heat capacity or viscosity in the Ramps tab, see Ramps.

  • for selecting a solver for velocity correction and for pressure correction in the Solver tab, see Solvers.

For details on convection parameters see Convection parameters and Setting Convection parameters.


Opens Monitor/Write Profile dialog window, see Monitor/Write Profile.

Only available in time-dependent computation.

Show Solver Information

Opens Show Solver Information dialog window for displaying the actual residuum, rowsums or solver information during flow computation, see Show Solver Information.

Generate mesh

Generates the mesh. The mesh defines points in the furnace, on which the computation is based. It must be generated after having modified the geometry and before view factors and variables are computed. For changing the mesh see Unstructured mesh Properties.

You can also click on the generate mesh button  .

Adapt mesh

Adjust the mesh density inside the regions where the turbulent convection has to be solved, see Adapt mesh.

Compute View Factors

Computes the view factors for the heat transfer by radiation.

Start Computation

Starts the simulation with the actual settings and parameters, i.e. the computation of the variables set in the variable list box in the tool bar of the Main Window.

The progress is displayed in the status bar in the Main Window. When the computation is finished, “Ready” is displayed in the status bar.

You can also click on the compute variable button  .

Start Tracing Rays Prepare geometric data for execution of the thermally coupled Ray Tracing computation. The geometric data preparation is the preprocessor operation. It can be completed separately from the thermal computation before the thermal computation.

Or the geometric ray tracing procedure starts immediately at the beginning of the thermal computation if the semitransparent media are available in the computational domain.

Stop Computation

Stops the running computation.

You can also click on the stop button  .