General process parameters

Process parameters dialog, General tab 

Figure 34. Process parameters dialog, General tab



Growth rate (m/s)

Specifies the estimated growth rate in m/s.The growth rate is defined positive, if the interface between the solid and the liquid phase is moving upwards in positive z direction (VGF furnaces). The growth rate is defined negative, if the interface is moving down as in Czochralski furnaces, see General process parameters. On the structured mesh, or if not using the enthalpy method (enthalpy method unselected in numerical parameters, forward tab), a positive growth rate means solidification, a negative one melting, independent on direction.


In time-dependent computation the growth rate must be set to 0.

Gas pressure (N/m^2)

Specifies the gas pressure in the furnace in N/m˛.

Gravity (m/s^2)

Specifies the gravity in m/s˛.

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