On the Turbulence tab you set the special parameters required by turbulent convection computation.

Convection dialog, Turbulence tab 

Figure 49. Convection dialog, Turbulence tab




The underrelaxation factors for k-ε turbulence transport equations.

  • Turbulent energy: underrelaxation factor for turbulent energy equation, recommended is 0.1.

  • Eddy dissipation: underrelaxation factor for eddy dissipation equation, recommended is 0.1.

  • Turbulent viscosity: underrelaxation for the change in the turbulent viscosity, recommended is 0.08.


Specifies the parameters for the linear equation solvers.

  • Max. inner iterations

  • Desired residuum

  • Set last triangle at

    Specifies the value of k-ε equations residuum when the turbulent viscosity starts to be computed in the triangles laying at the fluid-solid boundaries. Notice that the turbulent viscosity is not computed from the beginning, because of the numerical stability reasons.

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