Options for Scalar Fields

This dialog is opened via Visualization Menu.

In Options for Scalar Fields dialog you set the properties for the visualization of isolines, the color representation of scalar fields and legend.

Options for Scalar Fields dialog 

Figure 54. Options for Scalar Fields dialog



Isolines for

Selects the variable for the settings. You can save different settings for each variable separately.


Isolines can be specified in two ways, by number and by distance:

  • If the set number check box is activated (default), Number of isolines specifies the number of equidistant intervals over the range of values and the interval is computed.

    To get rounded values for the isolines, you must enlarge the Data interval manually to round values and adapt the number of isolines.

  • If the set interval check box is activated, the isolines interval specifies the distance between the isolines in the dimension unit of the variable.

    Reference value specifies a certain value you want to be an isoline value, e.g. if you want to visualize all points with a certain temperature. The isolines will be shifted accordingly.


Sets the range of values of the variable.

  • If the automatic check box is activated (default), the minimum and the maximum values are taken for the range automatically.

  • If the manually check box is activated, you can enter a range of values for which the isolines are visualized.

    To restrict also the colors to this range, activate the partial scale check box.

Data format

Specifies the format of the values in the legend. Fixed is the decimal representation, e.g. 123.45, scientific is the exponential representation, e.g. 1.2345e+002.

You can specify the number of digits behind the point, and perform a logarithmic scale.


If the full scale check box is activated, the colors cover the whole range of current values, so that the regions are completely filled out with the colors from blue to red.

If the partial scale check box is activated, the colors from blue to red cover the range of values specified in data.

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