Analysis Menu

Write Isoline
Monitor/Write Profile
Write Entire File
Export Data
Write Interface

With the Analysis menu you can save the computed results in text files which can be post-processed later by other software. You can save the results along an isoline, in points, along lines and from rectangles.

The Analysis menu is only available in Simulation Mode.

Analysis menu 

Figure 55. Analysis menu



Write Isoline

Opens the Write Isoline dialog window, see Write Isoline, for saving an isoline of a defined variable and a defined value into a text file.

Write Profile

Opens Monitor/Write Profile dialog window, see Monitor/Write Profile, for saving the computed values of a variable into a text file. You can save the values in points, along polylines, or of the entire file for the selected variable.

Export Data

Opens Export Data dialog window, see Export Data, for saving the computed values of a variable in a rectangle into a text file.

Write Interface

Saves the position of the interface and the gradients at the interface to a file, Write Interface.