Monitor/Write Profile

Write Entire File

This dialog is opened via Analysis Menu.

In the Monitor/Write Profile dialog you can save the values of a set of variables into a text file. You can save the values in points, along polylines, and in case of time-dependent computation the entire file. To save values from a rectangular area or some regions see Export Data.


In case of a time-dependent computation the same dialog is invoked via Computation > Monitor.

Monitor/Write Profile dialog, Points tab 

Figure 57. Monitor/Write Profile dialog, Points tab




Opens the Points tab for saving the values of variables computed in defined points into a text file, see Points.


Opens the polylines tab for saving the values of variables computed along defined lines into a text file, see Polylines.

Entire file

Opens the entire file tab for saving the entire file at time intervals during a time-dependent simulation, see Write Entire File.

Save every ... time step

Specifies the interval for the monitoring in number of time steps.

It is available only when the dialog is opened via Computation > Monitor. menu.


The data saved in text files is written in a table format with a fixed separator between columns. The separator could be specified in Preferences dialog, see Data storage tab.

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