On the Points tab you define points for saving the values of variables in these points into a text file.

A point is defined by its coordinates and the variables for which values are to be saved.

Monitor/Write Profile dialog, Points tab 

Figure 58. Monitor/Write Profile dialog, Points tab



r respectively z

Specifies the coordinates of the current point.


Opens the variables' tree selector in order to select the variables for which the values are to be saved.


If active, the monitor point will be translated with the moving region.

file name

Specifies the file name of the text file, in which the values are to be saved.

All points are saved in the same file!


The file is automatically named based on the *.crys file name adding _p.mon extension.


You might want to change the monitor file name when you save the *.crys file with different name. This is automatically done if you set adjust monitor file names option in Preferences dialog, see Data storage tab.

Changes the settings of the selected point with the current settings. You can select a point in the list.


Deletes the selected point from the list.


Adds a new point with the current settings to the list.

Calculated values

Displays the values of all points (coordinates and values of the variables) as they will be saved to the text file after having applied the settings with Apply or with OK.

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